What is a pizza?

A pizza is generally considered to be an oven-baked flat bread base topped with ingredients such as tomato, cheese, meat etc.   Most commonly it will be round in shape, but not always so.

Originating in early times, when bread and a simple flavouring or topping such as tomato would have provided a low cost meal, the pizzas we know today tend to be more sophisticated and can take many forms.

The more traditional thin crust pizza originates from Italy and its basic form was simply topped with cheese and tomato.   Cheese and tomato still dominate as the most popular toppings but a whole host of alternatives are now generally offered to cater for different tastes around the world, from hoisin duck to sweet desert options.

The simple base can also vary considerably from the simple thin crust of the Italian’s to modern day alternatives with thicker crusts and even crusts stuffed with fillings. The American versions also include a Pizza Pie version where the dough rises around the edge of the pizza to create a pie shape.