Check it out for real

The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association is committed to delivering clarity on labelling that gives you the certainty of knowing what's in your food.

We want all of our members to be transparent – they must be honest about the ingredients they use. Like all walks of life there are the Rolls Royce products and the more cost-effective products. Our industry is keen that everyone should be able to enjoy pizza, pasta and Italian food, no matter what they can afford.

At PAPA, we are "Championing the future of the pizza, pasta and Italian food industry, its people and products" from all across the spectrum. We know that classic Italian products like Buffalo Mozzarella are premium ingredients and priced accordingly. A huge amount of fantastic research and development work has been done to develop lower cost alternatives that deliver amazing pizza and pasta dishes at an affordable rate.

We're here to celebrate all of that. Whether that's the premium products or an altogether more affordable alternative. All we and anyone else wants, is to know is that the description on the packaging is accurate.